Only two more sleeps…

23rd December 2022

I'm so excited! The big day, Christmas Day to be specific, is almost here! Me and the rest of the Elves have been so excited, we have been unable to sleep.

It's been super busy in Santa's Workshop over the last few weeks, as we busily prepare all the presents for all the boys and girls on The Nice List, making sure all those toys are labelled easily for Santa to deliver.

I've also overheard Santa and Mrs Claus discuss their final revisions to The Nice and Naughty Lists, making sure they know exactly who is on there when Santa heads off on his journey. If you keep reading, I'll drop a few names on here of who has been put on The Nice List after hearing what Santa and Mrs Claus said!

So, if you're reading this and you're still on The Naughty List, then you have two more sleeps to be as nice as possible before Santa heads off to deliver his presents.

PSST! Want to know who's definitely on The Nice List? Here are a few names of boys and girls who are on there...


Adlington, Rosy

Ambrose, Charlie

Ancastser, Olivia

Archer, Teddy

Archer, Thomas

Askew, Maisy


Ball, Alicia

Bell, Noah

Bolton, Peter

Bull, Hayley

Ok, I've said too much already! You'll need to keep being good to be sure to be on The Nice List for Christmas Day!