Buddy the Elf sits with a notepad retelling the origin story of Elf on a Shelf

Buddy's Elf-venture: The origin story of Elf on the Shelf!

19th December 2023

Hey there, little friends! Gather round for a jolly tale from the North Pole, where snowflakes are sweeter than candy, and every day feels like a Christmas party. I'm Buddy, and I've got a story that'll make your sugarplum dreams even sweeter!

So, once upon a snowy day, I was busy making a gingerbread house in Santa's workshop when I saw a cheeky little mouse having a grand old time. Instead of getting all grumpy, I had a sparkly idea! I thought, "Why not have a tiny friend to keep an eye on kids and share their good deeds with Santa?"

I grabbed some magical snowflakes, sprinkled them over a cuddly elf toy, and with a twinkle in my eye, I whispered a super-duper magical spell. Ta-da! That's how the very first Elf on the Shelf, Jingles, came to life. I called him Jingles because he made the happiest jingling sounds as he zoomed around.

Now, Jingles had a special job – to watch over you and your friends and give Santa the lowdown on all the good stuff you do. Each night, Jingles flew back to the North Pole and spilled the cocoa beans on your kindness and good deeds. And when you woke up, guess where he was? In a new spot, of course, with a mischievous grin!

The word got out about Jingles and his magical adventures, and soon, there were lots of scout elves spreading cheer all over the world. Families welcomed them with open arms, and kids like you had a blast finding their scout elf's sneaky new hiding spot every morning.

So, thanks to a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of Christmas spirit, the tradition of Elf on the Shelf was born, making every Christmas sparkle with extra enchantment for kids everywhere.