The Nice List

The definitive Nice List, used by Santa Claus!

The names on this list are of all the boys and girls that are currently on Santa's Nice List ready for Christmas Day. This list can change at any time up until midnight on Christmas Eve!

To save Santa some time, the list is organised by the first letter of the boy / girl's surname!

Cannot find your name? Following the Elves recent update, your name might be in the recent additions section instead.


Abram, Irene

Adair, Mary

Adams, Mark

Adams, Mary

Adams, Sharon

Albers, Jean

Alexander, Willie

Allen, Alicia

Allen, Irene

Allen, Mary

Almanza, Jeanine

Almonte, Steven

Alvarado, Porter

Alvarez, Brian

Anders, Mary

Anderson, Casimira

Anderson, Emily

Anderson, Glenn

Anderson, James

Anderson, Katie

Andrews, Gail

Angert, Young

Antoine, Adriana

Archer, Bryan

Armstrong, Christopher

Arnold, Ray

Arnold, Susanne

Auer, Roy

Auld, Richard

Auten, Thelma

Avellaneda, Kristopher

Ayala, Elsie


Babb, Ramona

Baca, Wesley

Baggesen, Arthur

Baker, Chelsea

Baker, Francina

Baker, Kathrine

Baker, Seth

Balk, Ken

Balser, Robert

Banks, Carol

Bardin, Willie

Barness, Annie

Barnhart, Michael

Barnoski, Julie

Barrera, Scott

Barretta, Aaron

Barron, Howard

Basha, Robin

Bates, Bethany

Baumgardner, Helen

Beardsley, Louis

Beaver, Margaret

Beebe, Jaime

Began, Concetta

Bell, Betty

Belmont, Heather

Benner, Mamie

Bennett, Erica

Benscoter, George

Berkey, Leonard

Bernstein, Anna

Best, Dale

Bichler, Patricia

Binder, William

Bird, Silas

Bishop, Lynne

Bishop, Michael

Bishop, Rachel

Blankenship, Nancy

Blaschke, Laura

Bliss, Frances

Blumenfeld, Mike

Bober, Doreen

Boden, Carrie

Boden, Shannon

Boggs, Cheryl

Bohr, Jean

Bolden, Jennifer

Bolden, Kimberly

Bolton, Denise

Bolton, Keith

Bond, David

Booker, John

Booker, Stephen

Borges, Stephen

Bouknight, Freddy

Bourdeau, Victoria

Bourgeois, Rosa

Bowker, Daniel

Boyd, Tracy

Bradt, Beverly

Bray, Donald

Brezenski, Christine

Brickman, Joann

Bridgette, Kathryn

Britt, Benjamin

Brockhaus, Fred

Brooks, William

Brookshire, Mary

Browder, James

Browers, Nicole

Brown, Douglas

Brown, Edison

Brown, John

Brown, Mitzi

Brown, Patricia

Brown, Rene

Brown, Thomas

Bruce, Tyesha

Brummett, Charles

Buckner, Robert

Bull, Debra

Burch, Victor

Burrell, Barbara

Burton, Benjamin

Bussey, Andrew

Butler, Harold

Butler, Joni

Buxton, Edna


Cahoon, Bradley

Calhoun, Mabel

Camara, Martha

Cameron, Doris

Campos, Mona

Canary, Thomas

Cargile, Richard

Carlson, William

Carmichael, Marguerite

Carnahan, Sue

Carnes, Ben

Carpenter, Jennifer

Carrington, Paul

Carroll, Luke

Carrousal, Deborah

Carter, Jimmy

Cartwright, Victoria

Carualho, Barbara

Casares, Celia

Casazza, Patrick

Castaneda, Michael

Catron, Robert

Cavanaugh, Sean

Cegielski, Linda

Centini, Jeffrey

Chacon, Joan

Chambers, Alan

Chambers, Harriett

Chambless, Andrew

Chang, Holly

Chase, Donald

Chasse, Arthur

Chauvin, Ronald

Cherry, Lori

Chin, Irene

Cholico, Valerie

Cisneros, Thomas

Claar, Hayley

Clark, Fredrick

Clark, Hazel

Clark, Kathy

Clay, Alan

Clay, Jeffery

Clement, Nora

Clemons, Jarrett

Clifford, Glen

Coates, Nicole

Cohen, Karen

Cohen, Robert

Cohoon, Reginald

Cole, Thomas

Coleman, Bryan

Coleman, Carlos

Coles, Joseph

Collingwood, Robert

Collins, Gary

Collison, Jerry

Coney, Winford

Conley, Jerry

Connaughton, Paula

Conner, Patrick

Connolly, Roy

Cook, Dede

Cook, Sylvia

Cooper, Charles

Cooper, Jamie

Cormier, Craig

Cote, Allen

Cowles, Jesus

Cox, Joann

Crespin, Juan

Creveling, Elizabeth

Crist, John

Crosby, Daniel

Crosby, Edward

Crumbley, Brian

Culbertson, Charlotte


Daines, Jeffery

Dale, Sarah

Daly, Susan

Dannenberg, Alexander

Darr, Howard

Darwish, Daniel

Davis, Anna

Davis, Esther

Davis, Kathy

Davis, Oscar

Dean, Ana

Deckman, Sharyn

Defosses, Kristin

Delacruz, Shelley

Delaney, Troy

Delargy, Inocencia

Delgado, Angela

Delgado, Matthew

Delgado, Pam

Denman, Molly

Derosso, Shannon

Desano, Thomas

Devers, Holly

Devine, John

Dewey, Ashli

Dishman, Carolyn

Divine, Betty

Dixon, John

Dole, Lee

Donovan, Frank

Doolittle, Nakisha

Downs, Florence

Doyle, Judy

Driscoll, Jason

Duarte, Jona

Dugar, Austin

Dunham, Daniel

Dunn, Brandon

Dupuis, Ora

Durham, Troy

Durr, Gary

Dwight, Leanna

Dyal, Marci


Easterling, Robin

Eccleston, Luke

Edwards, Billy

Edwards, Jennifer

Edwards, Marie

Edwards, Mary

Edwards, Ronnie

Ellinger, William

Ellington, David

Elliott, Brittany

Ellis, Barry

Emerson, Jennie

England, Daniel

Errington, Cindy

Eshom, Seth

Esparza, Robert

Esquibel, Lisa

Estrada, Roseline

Evans, Ricky

Evensen, Patricia


Fagan, Francisco

Farrell, Joshua

Faught, Aaron

Fedezko, Edward

Feeney, Eddie

Ferguson, Michele

Fernandes, Leonard

Fernandez, Lidia

Fielder, Michael

Figueroa, Charles

Fink, Jeff

Finn, Denise

Fishburn, Carissa

Fleshman, Maria

Floyd, Vikki

Fontillas, Marcelino

Fordham, Bernard

Forrester, Rosemary

Francis, Leonard

Franklin, Betty

Franklin, Jeffrey

Frazier, Joseph

Freeman, Eric

French, Megan

Fritsch, Tabitha

Fritz, Marilyn

Fry, Delores

Fry, Steve

Fry, Tracey

Fuhrman, Lillie

Fujihara, Ila

Fullenkamp, Laurel

Fuller, Benjamin


Gaiser, George

Gallagher, Donna

Gallagher, Jared

Galloway, Nathan

Garcia, Chester

Garcia, Christopher

Garcia, Shirley

Gary, Shawn

Gentry, Walter

Gibbs, Marjorie

Giddens, George

Gilbert, Greg

Gilliam, Margit

Gilling, Amanda

Giusti, Gene

Glahn, Lindsay

Goad, Sylvia

Goebel, Chris

Goehring, Kelly

Goldade, Horace

Golding, Sherry

Gomez, Anthony

Gomez, Benjamin

Gonzales, Melissa

Gonzalez, Beverly

Goode, Lisa

Goto, Carl

Graf, Martha

Graham, James

Grant, Brandi

Grate, Donald

Gray, Connie

Gray, John

Green, George

Green, Jane

Greene, Ashley

Greene, Benjamin

Greene, Hannah

Greene, John

Groff, Cindy

Gross, Kenneth

Grove, Mickey

Guerrero, Steve

Guimond, Carolyn

Guzman, Leslie

Guzman, Robert


Haas, Cynthia

Hadiaris, Chris

Hadley, Leon

Hagee, Gloria

Hall, Dustin

Hamilton, Robert

Hammond, Stephen

Hampson, Jeff

Hampton, Henry

Hansen, Gilbert

Hansing, Jeffrey

Hanson, Timothy

Hardin, Jessica

Hargrave, Michael

Hark, Mitch

Harms, Joseph

Harper, Daniel

Harrell, Cynthia

Harrigan, Ronald

Harris, Jessica

Harris, Joseph

Harris, Luisa

Harrison, Patricia

Hartis, Paula

Hartnett, Alexander

Hartnett, Marie

Hartwell, Robert

Harvey, Albert

Haugen, Lena

Hayes, Juana

Hayes, Kimberly

Hayes, Mollie

Haynes, Patricia

Hays, Vernon

Helfer, Ann

Henderson, Trey

Henry, Carmen

Henry, Lois

Hensley, Alexandra

Hentz, Michele

Herceg, Gerald

Hermanson, Julie

Hernandez, Aaron

Hernandez, Faye

Hernandez, Joseph

Hewett, Abigail

Hibler, Sharlene

Hickman, Aimee

Hicks, Glenn

Hides, Sarah

Highland, Louis

Hilyer, Thomas

Hoffman, Roger

Hoggins, Christopher

Holcomb, Margie

Holden, Joshua

Hollis, Sharon

Holloway, Michael

Holmes, Della

Holmes, Gregory

Holt, Andrea

Holt, Jim

Honor, Isabel

Hooper, Carol

Horner, Tammy

Huelskamp, Henry

Hughes, Gretchen

Hughes, Maryann

Hughes, Preston

Hulett, Patricia

Hull, Manuel

Hulse, Pete

Hunt, David

Husk, Natalie

Hutchins, Sheila


Imbert, Joshua

Inman, Melvin

Irving, Randall

Issacs, Darrell


Jacks, Carrie

Jackson, Marguerite

Jackson, Santos

Jackson, Violet

Jacquemin, Ethel

James, Rex

Javier, Paul

Jendras, April

Jenkins, Tommy

Jennings, Donald

Jimenez, Amy

Johnson, Barbara

Johnson, Edward

Johnson, Eva

Johnson, Frank

Johnson, Juan

Johnson, Larry

Johnson, Lillie

Johnson, Patricia

Johnson, Violet

Johnston, Earl

Johnston, Monica

Jones, Aaron

Jones, Brenda

Jones, Clark

Jones, Craig

Jones, Douglas

Jones, Jeffrey

Joseph, Tim

Josey, Paige

Joslyn, Barry

Jury, Garfield


Kaiser, Bonnie

Kamnik, Joaquin

Kang, Forrest

Kappel, Timothy

Kappler, Edward

Kaune, Carrie

Kearney, Lynn

Kelly, Billy

Kemp, Jason

Kent, Todd

Kessinger, Debra

Ketchum, Jeannie

Khalid, Debra

King, Philomena

King, Rhonda

King, Sherry

Kirby, Sherry

Kirchner, Barbara

Kirksey, Frances

Kissane, Hope

Kline, Bonnie

Knaub, Kasie

Knickerbocker, Annie

Knowles, Ryan

Kostura, Raymond

Kuehn, Stephanie

Kuhns, Juan

Kuster, Anthony


Lacey, Pauline

Lagasca, Danielle

Lamar, Thomas

Lane, William

Langley, John

Laporta, Betty

Large, Daniel

Lariviere, Shari

Larkey, Steven

Larrabee, Terry

Lartigue, Bruce

Larue, Michael

Lattimore, Elda

Lavergne, Neil

Lawary, Sean

Lawrence, Gracie

Lawson, Ricardo

Leblanc, Mack

Lee, Carl

Lee, Kurt

Lehr, Kari

Leona, Michael

Levels, Michelle

Levine, Lisa

Lewis, Sharon

Libengood, Christopher

Lillpop, Harry

Lind, George

Lindenpitz, John

Lindsay, Michael

Linville, Herbert

Logan, Linda

Lopez, Jimmy

Lopez, Rachel

Love, Marisela

Loveless, Larhonda

Lowe, Clara

Lowe, Joshua

Loy, Alfredo

Lozada, Mary

Lundgren, Shirley

Lundy, Elizabeth

Lutz, Richard

Ly, Antonio

Lynch, Gregory


Maccormack, Michael

Macias, Sherri

Macleod, Deanna

Madrigal, Brett

Maher, Megan

Mahoney, Katrina

Maldonado, Linda

Manning, Daniel

Marcello, Jennifer

Mariner, Jennifer

Marks, Richard

Marlowe, Robert

Marroquin, Javier

Marshall, Francisco

Martin, Rachel

Martin, Raymond

Martinez, Ada

Martinez, Carla

Martinez, David

Martinez, Gloria

Martinez, Marianne

Martinez, Robin

Martinez, William

Mason, John

Mason, Richard

Matarrita, Jeffrey

Matthews, David

Maurice, Cathryn

Mauricio, Bobby

May, Brandon

Mccarty, Christopher

Mcclain, Jeffrey

Mccleery, Kathleen

Mccluer, Duane

Mccorkle, Naomi

Mccoy, Evelynn

Mccray, Leslie

Mccutcheon, Ryan

Mcdaniel, Charles

Mcenaney, Amelia

Mcgaughey, Laurie

Mcgowan, Richard

Mcgraw, Robert

Mckenzie, Steven

Mckinney, Velma

Mclaughlin, Matthew

Mclendon, Jimmy

Mcmillan, Virginia

Meachen, Vesta

Meadows, Melissa

Mease, James

Medina, Angela

Medrano, Vanessa

Meiners, George

Melcher, Todd

Meluso, Aaron

Mendias, Jimmy

Mendoza, Kenneth

Mendoza, Levi

Merritt, Ronald

Mervis, Rex

Meyers, Christine

Michael, Christian

Michaels, Lee

Mickolick, Philip

Miles, Robert

Milewski, Matthew

Miller, Anthony

Miller, Fred

Miller, Marjorie

Miller, Tanya

Miller, William

Mims, Eula

Mims, Marlyn

Minard, Gregory

Mitchell, Darrell

Mitchell, Frank

Mitchell, Jesus

Mitchell, Nancy

Moers, Jeffrey

Molden, Myles

Moore, Cindy

Moore, Mark

Moorman, Diane

Morales, Olga

Morosow, Luanne

Morris, Ashely

Morrison, Maria

Morrow, Kenneth

Moser, Mary

Moses, Kasey

Moya, Elisha

Mraz, Freda

Mullins, Timothy

Munoz, Travis

Munro, Everett

Murphy, Bonnie

Musgrave, Ruth

Musser, Patricia


Nagel, Rocky

Nakagawa, Kristen

Naylor, Aubrey

Neal, Bobbie

Nelson, Charles

Nelson, Kathy

Nelson, Mary

Nestor, Omer

Nevarez, David

Newton, Beverly

Nichell, Susan

Nichols, Adriane

Nichols, Marilyn

Nickerson, Ira

Nishiyama, James

Nolan, James

Noland, Stephane

Noonan, Paul

Noori, Betty

Norris, Matthew

Noyes, John

Nunez, Jarrod


Oakley, Jose

Obrien, Carl

Obryant, Jennifer

Oconnor, Rachel

Odonnell, Stacy

Oliver, Blanca

Oliveros, Ruth

Olsen, Eric

Ordman, John

Ortiz, Anthony

Ortiz, George

Ortiz, Phyllis

Orwig, Regina

Osborne, Mary

Oshea, Joseph

Ott, Oscar

Otte, Jeffery

Overy, Lance

Owings, Herbert


Pace, Edward

Pace, Robert

Paden, Irene

Palmer, Charley

Palmer, Valerie

Palmour, Edwin

Park, Opal

Parker, Gregory

Parkins, Eugene

Parks, Dean

Parrish, Eric

Patrick, Cathy

Patterson, Bruce

Patton, Tracy

Payne, Laurie

Pederson, Mary

Pellerin, Lanelle

Penny, Sarah

Peralta, Virginia

Perez, James

Perez, Nancy

Perez, Robert

Perkins, Vince

Perritt, Carlos

Perrotta, Joseph

Perryman, Pauline

Person, Roxanne

Peterson, Kevin

Petty, Richard

Phillips, Marilyn

Picot, Karen

Pierson, Cheryl

Pinneo, Eugene

Pinon, Susan

Pirtle, Herman

Pitts, Nicole

Player, Sheila

Poland, Iris

Polizio, Denise

Pope, Paula

Porter, Joan

Portsche, David

Postal, Alma

Poteete, Jacquline

Potter, Rich

Powell, Albert

Power, Rosina

Powers, Barbara

Powers, Brandi

Poyner, Jeff

Pralle, Martha

Prater, Mary

Price, Charles

Pua, Donna


Quinn, John


Rabil, James

Rader, Ilse

Rahm, Ebony

Rahn, Dora

Ramage, Bruce

Ramirez, Paul

Ramsey, Marion

Rancourt, Pamela

Randall, Andrew

Rann, Kathrine

Rathbone, Norma

Raub, Chad

Rayford, Sylvester

Raymond, Robert

Reams, Deshawn

Reda, Nina

Redding, Pedro

Reed, Gail

Reed, Rebecca

Reeves, Ricky

Reid, Joyce

Reilly, Monica

Renken, James

Reyburn, Florence

Reynolds, Michael

Richardson, Bernice

Riddle, Jane

Ridley, Marianne

Rigsby, Kelley

Rios, Grace

Ritchey, Frederick

Ritter, Patty

Robbins, Diane

Roberts, Ethel

Robinson, Stuart

Rocha, Jessica

Rojas, Edward

Rojas, Kari

Rojas, Megan

Rolon, Alicia

Romain, Ella

Roman, David

Rosenzweig, Matthew

Ross, Carol

Roth, Steven

Rothermel, Alison

Rothfuss, Aubrey

Rowe, Margaret

Rowe, Randy

Royce, David

Ruiz, Damaris

Runge, Shawn

Rupert, Ramon

Rushing, Mark

Russ, Edward

Rydberg, Evelyn


Saeler, Ricky

Sam, Veronica

Sanchez, Ashley

Sandahl, Bryan

Sanders, William

Sanderson, Abby

Sanford, Betty

Santillan, Rachel

Sauls, Virginia

Sault, Linda

Savage, Alan

Saxbury, Carla

Scarborough, Barbara

Scheid, Gary

Scheunemann, Kimberly

Schexnayder, Dianna

Schmidt, Deborah

Schmidt, Richard

Schroeder, Edith

Schulman, Jocelyn

Schumacher, Roberto

Schwerdtfeger, Ruben

Scott, Katie

Sears, William

Sellers, Jason

Serna, Kevin

Seymore, Logan

Sheets, Corey

Sheppard, Cecil

Sherman, John

Sherman, Peter

Sherrill, Elaine

Sherrod, Gerald

Shin, Melvin

Shipman, Bryan

Shouse, Walter

Showman, Christy

Shrout, Erika

Shumate, Beverly

Silva, Alma

Silva, Jonathan

Silva, Marilyn

Simmons, Jacqueline

Simon, William

Sinclair, David

Siske, Dorothy

Skidmore, Clara

Skinner, Avery

Slater, Jose

Slaughter, Candace

Smith, Ann

Smith, Anthony

Smith, Brett

Smith, Casey

Smith, David

Smith, Edith

Smith, Harold

Smith, Inez

Smith, Jamie

Smith, Jamie

Smith, Jeffrey

Smith, Nanette

Smith, Pearl

Smith, Rodolfo

Smith, Shelly

Smith, Steve

Snider, Mitchell

Solari, Nicole

Spilde, James

Spiller, Ellsworth

Spinks, Walter

Spohr, Barbara

Spotts, Luana

Sprinkle, Faustino

Stack, Don

Staten, Sang

Staubin, Margie

Stern, Kristin

Stevens, Adam

Stewart, Jason

Stewart, Richie

Stlaurent, Jose

Stone, Alicia

Stone, Elizabeth

Stonecipher, Carmelo

Stover, Angela

Strain, Courtney

Strickland, Joann

Sublett, Melvin

Suh, Brian

Sukhu, Beth

Summers, Diane

Sunderman, Michelle

Sutton, Harvey

Swain, Timothy

Swainston, Robert

Swanigan, Starr

Swanson, Kevin

Swanson, Nancy

Sweitzer, William

Szabo, Frank


Taft, Stephen

Tam, Sylvester

Tauras, Missy

Taylor, Carolyn

Taylor, Jami

Taylor, Jamie

Taylor, Mary

Taylor, Ryan

Taylor, Solomon

Templeton, Mary

Terry, Dwayne

Terry, Ollie

Tew, Mabel

Theis, Robert

Thews, Peter

Thomas, Christen

Thomas, Kyle

Thompkins, Cynthia

Thompson, Christopher

Thompson, Deborah

Thompson, Jackie

Thompson, James

Thornton, Melissa

Thorson, Susan

Thrill, Pamela

Tillis, Lonnie

Todd, Maureen

Todd, Monica

Todd, Travis

Torres, Gwendolyn

Torres, Margaret

Tran, Harold

Tripp, Samantha

Troendle, Alvin

Trotter, Willie

Turnbow, Catalina

Turner, Lois

Turner, Matthew

Tylman, Bonnie

Tyndall, Ashlee

Tyson, Terry

Tzeremes, Marie


Underwood, Dorothy

Urban, Kristina


Valdez, Norma

Valenzvela, Barbara

Valle, Chris

Vance, Edwin

Vanvalkenburg, Mary

Vanzandt, Gracie

Vargas, William

Varnado, Arthur

Vasquez, Michelle

Vaughan, Armando

Vaughan, Thomas

Vega, Joseph

Vesco, Elisabeth

Vincent, Lisa

Vogelpohl, James


Walczak, Anthony

Waldon, Terri

Walker, Gary

Walker, Henry

Walker, Ruby

Walsh, John

Walt, James

Ward, Billie

Ward, Jessie

Watkins, Daniel

Watkins, Duane

Watkins, Jerome

Watson, James

Way, Paul

Weaver, Joseph

Webb, Stephen

Webster, Martha

Wedderburn, Christina

Weddle, John

Weidman, William

Weingard, Cassandra

Welch, Robert

Wells, Denise

Wells, Virgina

Westfall, Maria

White, Kristina

White, Kurt

White, Maple

White, Marina

White, Pat

Wider, Hans

Wieland, Judith

Wilczynski, Ronald

Wiliams, Douglas

Williams, Dorothy

Williams, Gerald

Williams, Jake

Williams, Kelly

Williams, Nancy

Williams, Paulette

Williams, Ralph

Williams, Raymond

Willis, Charles

Winslow, Jean

Winston, Alejandro

Winters, Brandie

Witt, Tim

Wobbleton, Raul

Wolf, Carol

Wolter, June

Wood, Albert

Wood, Emma

Wood, Louise

Wood, Thomas

Woodard, Catherine

Woodard, Jason

Woodard, Jeffrey

Woods, Dolly

Woodward, Lorenzo

Work, Ernest

Worley, Ricardo

Wyatt, Joe

Wylie, Joseph


None at the moment!


Young, Lawrence

Young, Lori


Zietlow, Patricia

Zuluaga, Ray

Recent additions

Following on from the Elves recent update, the names below are all recent additions to the Nice List, so if you cannot find your name in the above, then it is likely in the section below: