A picture that looks similar to a Christmas jumper, with snowflakes and wavy lines.

The Naughty List

The definitive Naughty List, used by Santa Claus!

The names on this list are of all the boys and girls that are currently on Santa's Naughty List ready for Christmas Day. This list can change at any time up until midnight on Christmas Eve!

To save Santa some time, the list is organised by the first letter of the boy / girl's surname!

Cannot find your name? Following the Elves recent update, your name might be in the recent additions section instead.


Aaron, Jennifer

Abney, Yolanda

Abramek, David

Abreu, Wally

Adams, Erin

Adams, Lance

Addiego, Joseph

Adkins, Lenore

Agnes, Jennifer

Aivao, Valerie

Albrecht, Erin

Allen, Gina

Allen, Linda

Allen, Rachelle

Allen, Robert

Allen, Ronald

Allison, Marta

Amos, Dolores

Anderson, Dylan

Anderson, Edgar

Anderson, Edward

Anderson, Jeffrey

Anderson, Manuel

Anderson, Robert

Angel, William

Archer, Joseph

Archie, Edwin

Arnold, Jazmine

Arnold, Jose

Arterberry, Edmond

Arvesen, Joann

Aschenbrenner, Adelle

Ash, Lucien

Aslanian, Richard

Avant, Jeremy


Baggett, Janie

Baier, Raymond

Baker, Tommy

Bakken, Andrew

Bane, Robbin

Barber, Edwin

Barbour, Kathrine

Barclay, Melissa

Barnard, Elizabeth

Barner, Shirley

Barton, Beverly

Barut, Ted

Basden, Brenda

Bates, Christopher

Batista, Francis

Batton, Marcy

Beall, David

Bean, William

Beattie, Carmelina

Beaty, Anna

Beauprez, Mark

Beausoleil, Henrietta

Bechtol, Lena

Beck, Robert

Belanger, Tracie

Bell, Eric

Bellamy, Guillermo

Bellew, Cindy

Belz, Allison

Bennett, Catherine

Bennett, Felicia

Bennett, Robert

Bennett, Ronnie

Benson, William

Bernal, Doyle

Bernhardt, Sally

Best, Christopher

Bevens, Easter

Bieber, James

Billingslea, Brenda

Birch, Leonard

Bischoff, Katherine

Bivens, Martha

Blackmon, Holly

Blackmon, Marie

Blaschke, Douglas

Blevins, Michael

Blomdahl, Joseph

Bohanon, Audrey

Boocks, Stanley

Bookout, Albert

Booth, Joe

Boothe, Henry

Borden, Rodney

Bourbeau, Milton

Bourget, Martha

Bowers, Norma

Bowers, Zachary

Bowman, Adrienne

Boyce, Gwenda

Boyd, Willie

Brady, Claudia

Brechbiel, Christine

Bremer, Randy

Brenneman, Etta

Brent, Lawrence

Breslin, Dolores

Brooks, Mirian

Brooks, Rebecca

Brooks, Sadie

Brown, Phyllis

Brown, Steven

Brown, Tommy

Brumfield, Christine

Brunelle, Alvin

Bryant, John

Bryant, Marvin

Buchanan, Ione

Buchanan, Woodrow

Buck, Anna

Bucklew, Silvia

Buhmann, Steven

Bullard, Calvin

Bullis, Marx

Bunch, Katie

Burkett, Cody

Burks, Blaine

Burleson, Michael

Burnham, John

Burpo, Amelia

Burpo, Anthony

Burris, Alejandro

Burris, Christina

Burris, Duane

Burroughs, Clyde

Burroughs, Larry

Bushaw, Daniel

Butler, Clay

Byers, Diane

Byrd, David

Byrne, Donna

Byrne, Irma


Caceres, Michael

Cal, Wallace

Calderon, Olive

Caldwell, Shirley

Campbell, Ellen

Cancilla, Albert

Canida, Leon

Cantu, Betty

Capobianco, Barbara

Carbo, Gary

Cardwell, Betty

Carlisle, Francis

Carlo, Jose

Carlson, Maria

Carnicelli, Dolores

Caron, Shawn

Carpentier, John

Carr, Sheila

Carradine, Cornelius

Carroll, George

Carwile, Jamie

Casey, Judson

Cassidy, Arthur

Castillo, Steven

Cates, Adam

Cates, Elaine

Cearley, Lisa

Cervantes, Gayle

Cessor, Stephen

Cha, Holly

Chaffins, John

Chafin, Jane

Chamblee, Roy

Chaparro, Lisa

Charlot, Terry

Chase, Ruben

Chau, Bonnie

Chavez, Linda

Cherry, Erik

Chiarello, Wilbur

Childers, Jeffry

Christopher, Mary

Chung, Delmer

Chung, Tiffany

Ciriaco, Krystal

Clanton, Megan

Clark, Alfonso

Clark, Annie

Clark, Raymond

Clark, Sandy

Clasby, Nelida

Clawson, Kyle

Clements, James

Clevenger, James

Clifford, Brigida

Clower, Willard

Cobian, Olimpia

Cody, Silvia

Cole, James

Coleman, Jonathan

Coleman, Karrie

Colon, Minerva

Combass, Brandon

Comer, Victoria

Compton, Gary

Contreras, Flora

Cook, Adrienne

Cook, Lashawnda

Cook, Rodney

Cook, Thurman

Cookman, Mary

Cooks, Mary

Cope, Charles

Copeland, Jason

Copeland, Stephanie

Coplin, Jolene

Corona, Sandra

Costa, Philip

Cottrell, Ellen

Council, Dora

Cowger, Sean

Cowley, Helen

Cox, Clarice

Cox, Dorothy

Craft, Melissa

Craun, John

Crawford, Cindy

Crawford, Joel

Creighton, Megan

Cronin, Charlotte

Cross, Adela

Cross, Christa

Cross, Janice

Cunningham, Morris

Curtin, John

Cutler, James


Dailey, Jeffrey

Dallas, Mitchell

Daly, Lindsay

Daugherty, Albert

Davenport, Christopher

Davila, Charles

Davis, Deborah

Davis, Jimmy

Davis, John

Davis, John

Davis, Otto

Davis, Virginia

Dean, Robert

Debarros, Thomas

Decker, Michael

Degirolamo, Linda

Delacruz, Troy

Delaney, Danny

Delapp, Minnie

Delcamp, Keith

Delgado, George

Delgado, Joe

Denker, Marilyn

Derr, Bernard

Derryberry, Sharon

Desano, Claude

Desmond, Rick

Devine, Richard

Devore, Jack

Disla, Willie

Dix, Clifton

Doan, Susan

Doherty, Robert

Dominguez, Bonnie

Dorsey, Bette

Dostie, Susan

Doughty, Edna

Dow, Kara

Drewniak, Erica

Drummond, Lisa

Dubicki, Anitra

Dudley, Johnny

Dudley, Xavier

Duke, Sara

Duncan, Lawrence

Dunn, Steve

Dupree, Robert

Duran, Patrice

Duwe, Tina

Dyer, Isabel

Dyer, Ronald


Eargle, Michael

Eason, John

Edwards, Donna

Edwards, Kenneth

Edwards, Tammy

Edwards, Terri

Eledge, William

Elliott, Joseph

Elliott, Leslie

Elms, Carol

Engel, Suzanne

England, Don

Enoch, Sean

Erskine, Mary

Escalera, Pearl

Espinosa, John

Evans, Edward

Everhardt, Alfred

Ewing, Dave


Fan, Adriana

Farley, Junior

Favuzza, Melanie

Fellers, Jerry

Ferguson, Janice

Fernandez, Marcus

Ferrer, Lonnie

Field, Derek

Fields, Carol

Fine, Maria

Finley, Albert

Fiorello, Guy

Fisher, Gregory

Flanagan, Homer

Flath, Susan

Fleming, Albert

Fletcher, Harriett

Floyd, Robert

Flynn, Claudia

Folger, Shawn

Folsom, Dave

Foltz, Grace

Fontes, Alice

Forbes, Devin

Ford, Jeffery

Forman, Charles

Foster, Diane

Fraction, John

Fraire, Mary

Fralin, Dennis

Frederick, Gertrude

Freeman, David

Freitas, Vivian

Fry, Delores

Fucci, Raymond

Fuller, Henry

Furstenberg, John


Gable, Russell

Galarza, James

Galloway, Louie

Galloway, Stephen

Galow, Karen

Gamboa, Bernice

Garcia, Alfonso

Garcia, Francis

Garcia, Heath

Gardner, Foster

Garfield, Judith

Garroutte, Sidney

Garza, Richard

Gaudin, Albert

Gavenda, Veronica

Gaydos, Tonja

Gear, Theodore

Gentry, Justin

Germy, Clark

Geyer, Christina

Gibbs, Randy

Giebner, Arron

Gilligan, Ralph

Gilson, Jessie

Givens, Dina

Glessner, Alfonzo

Glover, Jerry

Glowacky, Fred

Goble, Lola

Godine, Patricia

Godwin, Patricia

Golston, Lucy

Gonzalez, Adrian

Gonzalez, Earl

Goodrow, Christine

Goodwin, John

Goodwin, Lashawn

Goodwin, Sally

Goudy, Joann

Gracia, Susan

Gran, Tiffanie

Grant, Joseph

Grap, Gary

Gray, Allison

Gray, Elizabeth

Gray, Steve

Greeley, Lisa

Green, Cecilia

Green, Herman

Greenbaum, Fernando

Greer, Jerry

Griffith, Bobby

Grigg, Steven

Grijalva, Larry

Grunder, Laura

Gummer, Arthur

Gunter, Ruth


Haddix, Douglas

Haddock, Bernice

Hadiaris, Todd

Hahn, Richard

Haines, John

Hale, Ian

Haley, Debbi

Halford, Mandi

Hall, Kathryn

Hall, Sheri

Hall, Thomas

Halpin, Carmela

Hancock, Muriel

Hang, Joseph

Hanisch, Michael

Happel, Jay

Harmon, Jo

Harrell, Cynthia

Harrington, Earl

Harrington, Mildred

Harris, Gary

Harris, James

Harris, Patricia

Hart, George

Hart, Lois

Hashimoto, Robt

Hasley, John

Hatfield, Andrew

Hatfield, Michael

Hayes, Charles

Haynes, Mary

Heil, Doug

Heiniger, Angel

Heiser, Barbara

Heisserer, Pearl

Hemming, Leo

Henry, Mildred

Henry, Terry

Hernandez, Doris

Hernandez, Olga

Hernandez, Sean

Herzig, Jennifer

Hill, Debra

Hill, Elizabeth

Hill, Rod

Hinaman, Ashley

Hines, Annie

Hines, Christian

Hines, Gabriela

Ho, Adam

Hobbs, Jimmy

Hockett, Melanie

Hoff, Mildred

Hoffman, Jennifer

Holdren, Anna

Hong, Debra

Hosford, Albert

Howard, Melissa

Howe, Johnnie

Hudspeth, Ricky

Hughes, Davis

Hughes, Nellie

Hughes, Robert

Hunter, David

Hunter, Virgil

Huston, John

Hutchins, David

Hutter, Michael

Hyde, Robert


Irwin, Chris


Jackson, Diane

Jackson, Mattie

Jackson, Rueben

Jacobs, Penny

Janes, Chris

Jarvis, Gerard

Jarvis, Reginald

Jasso, Rosa

Jeffrey, Dwayne

Jenkins, Margaret

Jensen, Joanne

Jeschke, Carolyn

Jeter, Lawrence

Jiang, Sally

Johnson, Briana

Johnson, Debra

Johnson, Garland

Johnson, Gladys

Johnson, Gregory

Johnson, Richard

Johnson, Wayne

Jones, Carl

Jones, Gladys

Jones, John

Jones, Joseph

Jones, Lin

Jones, Linda

Jordan, Vera

Justice, James


Kamiya, Arnold

Kassin, Neal

Kaua, Shannon

Keegan, Adam

Keith, Dorothy

Kellems, Amanda

Kelly, Helen

Kelly, Tonya

Kemnitz, John

Kennedy, Talisha

Kenny, Michael

Kern, David

Ketcham, Marvin

Kimble, Nancy

Kittel, Alberta

Kittinger, Max

Klebanow, Jack

Kleinschmidt, Joseph

Klos, Everett

Knight, Virginia

Knutsen, Yolanda

Koch, Jacqueline

Koch, Landon

Koch, William

Kocka, Joseph

Krausz, Venita

Krumholz, Maria

Kruse, Loren


Lanasa, Frank

Laravie, Denise

Laravie, Pedro

Larrow, Kelli

Lashbrook, Amanda

Laura, Gary

Lawrence, Cesar

Lawson, Mary

Lawson, Melissa

Layne, June

Lean, James

Ledford, Arturo

Lee, Deborah

Lemmon, Nikki

Lerner, Nicholas

Lewis, Adam

Lewis, Robert

Lightfoot, Zachary

Lilly, Fred

Littleton, Mary

Lomax, Maurice

Loomis, Mi

Lopez, Jo

Losada, Toby

Luebke, William

Lund, Norman

Lussier, Jody

Lyman, Harold

Lynch, Allen

Lynch, Blanche

Lyons, Jeffrey


Mack, Jeffery

Macpherson, Victor

Macvane, Janice

Madrid, Oliver

Madsen, Heather

Magallanes, Dick

Mahan, Anna

Mahraun, James

Major, Lewis

Maley, Retta

Manciel, Virginia

Manges, Louis

Mankins, Lera

Manning, Daniel

Marciniak, Jean

Markowitz, David

Marsh, Carol

Marshall, Allan

Marshall, Steven

Martin, Betty

Martin, Ernestine

Martin, Joseph

Martin, Kathleen

Martin, Ramona

Martinez, Amber

Martinez, Carroll

Martinez, David

Martinez, Lucia

Martinez, Sergio

Martz, Joseph

Marusarz, Margarita

Mason, Pamela

Mathis, Alfred

Matney, Julian

Matson, Deborah

Mays, Dorothy

Mcannally, Stanley

Mcclelland, Helen

Mcclintock, Kenneth

Mccowin, Peggy

Mccullough, Alexander

Mcdaniel, Edward

Mcdaniel, Sheryl

Mcfarland, Donald

Mcghee, Edwin

Mcguire, Timothy

Mckeithan, David

Mckinney, Jason

Mckinney, Lucy

Mcmahon, Blanca

Mcnair, John

Mcnealy, Sherrill

Mcnear, Alexander

Mcnutt, Daniel

Mead, Frederick

Meaney, Margaret

Mecham, Kelly

Mederos, Brandi

Medovich, Edna

Mendez, Paul

Mendez, Sandra

Menzel, Greg

Merrigan, William

Merz, Clifford

Metivier, Cindi

Metzler, Eugenia

Meyer, Victoria

Michel, Enrique

Mickelsen, Ruth

Miller, Chelsie

Miller, Ernest

Miller, Filomena

Miller, Gregory

Miller, Linda

Milton, Miguel

Mitchell, Clifford

Mitchell, Florence

Mitchell, Sybil

Mobley, Marguerite

Monreal, Raul

Montano, Michael

Montgomery, Lloyd

Mooberry, Esther

Moody, Phillip

Mooney, Christopher

Moore, Claudia

Moore, Felicia

Moorer, Lester

Morganfield, Teri

Morris, Marie

Moss, David

Mueller, Barbara

Mullins, Alfonso

Murray, Marcy

Myott, Hattie


Nabors, Roger

Nathan, Kathleen

Neal, Michelle

Neubert, Lisa

Nevills, Jason

Newhouse, Emily

Newman, Cheri

Ng, Jim

Nickerson, Mark

Nitcher, Annie

Norton, Dustin

Nunez, Ann


Oconnor, Priscilla

Odaniel, Christina

Ogan, Minnie

Ogle, Annie

Oliver, Angie

Olsen, Frances

Orgain, Christopher

Orth, Jason

Orth, Judith

Ortiz, Daniel

Ortiz, Kenneth

Oshell, Jeffrey

Owenby, Elizabeth

Owens, Sheri


Pacheco, Mary

Padgett, Josiah

Padilla, Christina

Padilla, Danielle

Padilla, Laurie

Padula, Sue

Pajerski, Robert

Palmer, Wanda

Parduhn, Anne

Park, Kenneth

Parker, Cathrine

Parker, Hector

Parker, Lawrence

Parker, Ruth

Parra, Michael

Parsons, Shirley

Pascal, Susan

Pat, Thomas

Patch, Brian

Pate, Michael

Patterson, Jennifer

Paulk, Lester

Paviolitis, Mark

Pederson, Erica

Pefferkorn, Jose

Penland, Stephen

Perez, Kimberly

Perez, Norma

Perez, Sara

Perez, Theodore

Perrington, Anna

Perry, Adriana

Perry, Alan

Peterson, Richard

Petronella, Kim

Pham, Edward

Phifer, Jessica

Philhower, Kaitlin

Phillips, Amanda

Phillips, Gayle

Pirtle, Melissa

Pitt, Nelia

Pixley, Debra

Plotts, Sandra

Ponder, Dollie

Pons, Yesenia

Pooley, Mary

Porath, Susan

Port, John

Porter, Thomas

Posey, Lola

Posson, Deanna

Potolsky, Michelle

Potter, Priscilla

Poulton, Tim

Powell, Ricardo

Powers, Brian

Powers, Jason

Prach, William

Pratt, Wesley

Price, Paul

Prieto, Jon

Pringle, Amanda

Pruden, Larry


Quinn, Marie


Racine, Raymond

Rains, Judy

Ralston, Carla

Ramirez, Daniella

Ramirez, Harold

Randell, Jamey

Rarden, Doreen

Raxter, Richard

Reed, George

Reffett, Lonnie

Reilly, Araceli

Reilly, Bryan

Reitz, Ray

Rentfro, Patricia

Revering, Jessica

Rhoads, Walter

Rhoten, Arnold

Richardson, Karen

Richardson, Richard

Richer, Jason

Richmond, Brittany

Riddell, Tina

Riddle, Thomas

Riggleman, Trina

Riley, Marvin

Rinkel, Laura

Rios, Kristi

Rivera, Robin

Roach, Marc

Robbins, Darren

Roberts, Amy

Roberts, Garrett

Roberts, Jose

Robertson, Christopher

Robichaud, Zachary

Robinson, Freda

Rodriguez, Pamela

Rogers, Amy

Rollins, Donald

Rollins, Hattie

Romero, Frank

Rosmarin, Christie

Rotunda, Kevin

Roybal, William

Rudd, Karen

Russ, Kitty

Russell, Roy

Ryan, Norma


Saad, Benjamin

Saenz, Nancy

Saleado, Melissa

Salgado, Kristi

Salgado, Tonya

Salzmann, Jennifer

Sams, Margaret

Sanchez, Bailey

Sanchez, Danette

Sanders, Dennis

Sandrock, Larry

Sansoucie, Wendy

Sawyer, Robert

Schlottmann, Jeramy

Schroeder, Chin

Schuch, Nancy

Scott, Raymond

Scott, Robin

Seago, Lorraine

Seeman, Ruth

Sellers, Timothy

Seman, Lois

Sessions, Carol

Shackelford, Shawn

Shain, Suzanne

Sharrow, Terence

Shary, Blanche

Shaw, Joseph

Shea, Ladonna

Shepherd, Maria

Shively, Steven

Shropshire, Michael

Shropshire, Tim

Simm, Merri

Simon, Catherine

Simonds, James

Simpson, Arnold

Skaggs, Sharon

Skelly, Charleen

Skrine, Mary

Sloan, William

Smail, Melinda

Small, Lora

Smith, Barbara

Smith, Edna

Smith, Elaine

Smith, Esther

Smith, Heather

Smith, Helen

Smith, Kenneth

Smith, Lori

Smith, Mercedes

Smith, Michelle

Smith, Robert

Smith, Sandi

Smith, Terry

Smithson, Audry

Snoddy, Glen

Sones, Siobhan

Sorbello, Carl

Sorenson, Joanne

Soucier, Vanessa

Sparling, Danny

Spencer, Georgia

Sprague, Laura

Sprayberry, Doug

Sproul, Preston

Sproull, Cornelia

Spueler, Rebecca

Staley, Alice

Stamps, Katie

Stanley, Cecil

Stanley, Henry

Steedley, Anita

Steele, Josephine

Steinle, Betsy

Stevens, Janice

Stewart, Christopher

Stogner, Harry

Stovall, Anna

Strefeler, Victor

Stringer, Judith

Strohm, Eunice

Strohmayer, Chester

Stuart, Ebony

Stucker, Renee

Suddreth, Andrea

Sutton, Jennifer

Sweatman, Thaddeus

Swinton, Micheal

Szocki, Richard


Taft, Rodney

Talbert, Susan

Tang, Jamie

Tanner, Juan

Tanzosch, James

Tapia, Eric

Taylor, Aileen

Taylor, Anna

Taylor, Christopher

Taylor, Douglas

Taylor, Gail

Taylor, John

Taylor, Joseph

Taylor, Joseph

Tenery, Virginia

Terrell, Vicente

Terrones, Andres

Terry, Hazel

Terry, Leslie

Thomas, Aaron

Thomas, Rhonda

Thomas, Sarah

Thompson, Enrique

Thompson, Evelyn

Thompson, Ralph

Thompson, Richard

Thompson, Tyrone

Tichenor, Sanjuana

Tipton, Susan

Titus, Gregory

Toledo, Warren

Toliver, Theodore

Torres, John

Torres, Ruth

Toyoshima, Eric

Tracy, Dorothy

Tracy, John

Tracy, Judith

Trent, Barbara

Trent, Laura

Tucker, John

Tully, Michelle

Turnbow, Doris

Tyler, Craig


Uchida, Robert

Underwood, Barbara

Unknow, Martha

Urquhart, Spencer


Valenzuela, Ryan

Vandre, Jose

Vanek, Tomas

Vanriper, Velma

Vanwinkle, Marie

Vara, Jonathan

Varela, Candace

Vaz, Dean

Victorero, Steven

Vierra, Jana

Vilain, Jeanne

Viloria, Margie

Vincent, Mary

Vise, Daniel


Walker, David

Walker, Irene

Walker, Manuel

Walton, Michelle

Warner, Wm

Weiler, Richard

Welch, Billy

Welch, Nancy

Wellington, Kimberly

Westerman, Steve

Weston, Leslie

Wexler, Jason

Whitaker, Lonny

White, Jimmy

White, Michael

White, Vincent

Whitt, Nick

Wicklund, John

Wilborn, Diane

Wilkins, Kirstin

Willemsen, Aubrey

Williams, Betty

Williams, Jacqueline

Williams, Jason

Williams, Jennifer

Williams, Lori

Williams, Seth

Williams, Terry

Williamson, Mary

Wilson, Connie

Wilson, John

Wilson, Matthew

Wilson, Robert

Winders, Raymond

Wingard, Garth

Witherspoon, Beverly

Wobbleton, Lillie

Woodward, Douglas

Worm, Milton

Wright, Deanna

Wright, John

Wright, Rita

Wright, William

Wu, Lori

Wynn, Byron

Wynn, Robert


None yet!


Yancik, Casey

Yarbrough, Lonnie

Yarnell, Sharon

Yates, Maryellen

Yearout, George

Yonkoske, Victor

Youd, Judy

Young, David

Young, Duncan

Young, Jodee

Young, Joyce

Young, Mia


Zamora, Shawn

Recent additions

Following on from the Elves recent update, the names below are all recent additions to the Naughty List, so if you cannot find your name in the above, then it is likely in the section below: