Letters to Santa

30th November 2022

As we edge closer to Christmas, the letters to Santa start to flood in from all the boys and girls around the world - it certainly keeps the North Pole's Postal Service on their toes with all the additional mail!

I do love reading all the letters, and learning about what toys are trending, as this certainly helps ensure the Elves in Santa's Workshop plan their production runs in the build up to Christmas Day. It's also wonderful learning just a little bit more about all the boys and girls who write in - did you know that green is quite a popular colour this year?

It always makes everybody at The North Pole so happy knowing that every girl and boy is thinking of them at this time of year, and certainly helps keep us full of festive cheer as we busily prepare for Santa's epic journey on Christmas Eve.

If you're reading this and haven't gotten round to sending us your letter, don't worry. Thanks to the magic of the North Pole's Postal Service, you can post your letter right up until the 23rd of December and it will still reach us in time.