Better get the washing on...

3rd November 2022

I've lost count as to how many times that big red suit has been washed over the years... Whilst Santa is busy planning his deliveries for Christmas Day, I like to help ensure he looks his best for the big day. But keeping a bright red suit clean, without fading, is trickier than it looks!

Back in the day, I used to hand-wash Santa's suit in the bathtub, using only soap and water, but due to its delicate nature, I had to be really careful not to damage it and it would often take me a good part of the day to do it properly.

Thankfully, Buddy (the Elf) shared a secret tip with me... Don't tell him I've shared this, but if you use a sprinkle of glitter and add a drop of Christmas essence from elf's workshop, the suit comes out looking like new!

Now, I'd better get the washing on ready for Santa's next delivery run!