Santa's Diary Unwrapped: Magic Build-Up to Christmas 2023

20th November 2023

Ho, ho, ho, dear little ones!

It's Santa here, and I'm so excited to share a special sneak peek into all the North Pole magic as we get ready for Christmas 2023! So, grab a hot chocolate, get all snuggly, and let me spill the beans from my magical diary...

In Santa's Workshop, my super-duper elves are working like busy bees, making toys with so much love and care. The air is filled with the fantastic aroma of gingerbread biscuits– you know, the ones that make your tummy do a happy dance. And oh, my reindeer friends can't wait to dash through the snowy skies on Christmas Eve!

You'll find out all the cool stuff happening behind the scenes. We check the Naughty and Nice lists to make sure everything's just right, and we even test the sleigh to make sure it's super tip-top condition, just like we do every year.

As the days fly by, the excitement is off the charts! I love reading letters from children all around the world – your hopes and dreams warm my heart. The workshop is like a big playground of ideas, with my elves inventing new toys that will bring big smiles to your faces.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the big day! The North Pole is buzzing with excitement, and together, we're going to make this Christmas the best one ever!

Sending you merry wishes,

Santa Claus 🎅