Let the training begin!

12th September 2022

Last Christmas, the other reindeer and I set our best time when it came to making a round trip across the world, cutting 17.3 seconds off our previous best set in 1983.

For Christmas 2022, we're aiming to go one step further and go even faster but as with all top sleigh-leading reindeer, you have to stay in shape! Yes, even I - Rudolph - has to train to ensure I'm up to the job of leading Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Thanks to advances in technology and breakthroughs in Reindeer Exercise and Physiology, I've been focusing on my stride length to eek a little more out of each prance - even a couple of centimetres per prance soon adds up and makes the difference.

And with my latest Antler Strap Pro, I've been able to keep an eye on my magic reserves to ensure I never push faster than my stores can replenish, meaning I can maintain maximum speed all whilst lighting the way with my shiny red nose.

Now if I can just convince Dasher to cut down on the mince pies, I reckon we'll be set for another record-breaking delivery this Christmas Eve...