How Santa's Elves Prepare for Christmas

27th November 2023

Hey kiddos! Guess who's chatting with you? Yep, it's Buddy the Elf, one of Santa's little helpers and I'm spilling the beans on how we get ready for Christmas up here in the North Pole!

First off, picture this: elves in sparkly hats and pointy shoes. We make sure we're looking sharp – a happy elf is a snazzy elf, you know!

Now, onto the fun stuff – making toys! We've got piles of blocks, teddy bears, and dolls just waiting for some elf magic. Santa's list is like our treasure map, guiding us to turn wishes into real-life presents. It's like being toy-making wizards!

And then there are the reindeer – Rudolph and his gang. We give them the VIP treatment – antler polish, hoof trims, and lots of stories to keep them in high spirits. Gotta make sure they're ready for the big night!

Now, the best part – wrapping presents! We dive into a sea of colourful paper, ribbons, and bows. It's like a present-wrapping (gift-wrapping to our American friends) party, and we make each one as special on the outside as it is inside.

As Christmas Eve creeps closer, we gather in the courtyard, sing carols, and get really excited for the big night. We also help Santa update the Nice and Naughty lists, mostly by popping in and visiting your homes in the build up to Christmas - you won't see us though, as we are experts at staying hidden! Then, with a twinkle in Santa's eye and a booming "Ho, ho, ho!" off we go, spreading joy to kids all over the globe.

So, little sprouts, when you unwrap that amazing present on Christmas morning, know it's made with elfin love and delivered with heaps of Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas, and may your days be super merry and full of fun!

The Nice List
The definitive Nice List, used by Santa Claus!

Are you still on the Nice list?