How does Santa get in your home?

12th December 2022

Every year, Buddy The Elf reports back that most asked question by children he and the Elves visit in the build up to Christmas is "how does Santa get in our home?"

It's a valid question and one that seems to puzzle most children, and some parents!

How DOES Santa get into your home to deliver your presents?

In the days before central heating, most houses had an open fire and as a result, a chimney. Chimneys were extremely helpful to Santa, as he could slip down them in the night (once the fire was out of course), and drop right into the living rooms of all the boys and girls around the world with ease. However, since fewer people use an open fire now, and have fewer chimneys in their houses, Santa has had to come up with a few new tricks to get inside to deliver all your presents.

Santa has a magic key

That's right, Santa has a magic key that works in every lock ever made! Not only does this allow Santa to come in to deliver your presents on Christmas Eve, it also does so silently, so it won't wake anybody in the house.

Santa has Elves that help him

Elves are magical little creatures. Not only do they love making toys, eating sugary sweets, cakes and chocolates, but they are fantastically quick and nimble! Elves are also a whole lot smaller than Santa, so can easily squeeze through the tiniest of gaps, so they can then let Santa in once they get inside. Buddy the Elf once told me he managed to slip through a letter box, tip-toe past a sleeping doggie, and through the kitchen to the back door to let Santa in, all without making a sound!

Santa still uses chimneys if they are available

Chimneys are still around, as many houses have log burners or stoves, so if your home has once of these, then Santa will always try and use the chimney wherever he can!

That's how Santa gets in your home!

So there you are, Santa is determined to never let any boy or girl go without a present (assuming they are on The Nice List, and definitely not on The Naughty List!), so has many tricks up his red velvet sleeves!