What foods and snacks does Santa like?

19th December 2022

Delivering presents to nearly 2 billion children who are on The Nice List across the world is very tiring work! Keeping the energy levels of Santa, the reindeer and the team of elves up is also a challenging task, but one that thankfully has been made easier thanks to the generosity of all the girls and boys Santa visits every year, who often leave out snacks before they go to bed on Christmas Eve.

But just what foods does Santa and the team like?

Santa loves mince pies

Gluten Free Mince Pie
Photo by Jonathan Farber / Unsplash

Think of Christmas and you'll probably think of mince pies - those tasty cakes filled with mixed fruit, spices and other goodies - and one of Santa's favourites! But have you ever tried eating 3 mince pies? 10? 100? How about 2 billion?! Now, Santa really does appreciate every mince pie left out by the Christmas tree by every single one of you, but eating that many mince pies is a challenge in itself!

Santa loves other festive treats

Every year, once Santa returns from his grand delivery, he often mentions how he loves other festive bites that have been left out for him - these are some of his favourites:

So Santa pretty much loves anything festive and convenient on his travels!

Does Santa like a drink too?

Vintage crystal glass of bourbon whiskey by an outdoor campfire
Photo by Thomas Park / Unsplash

When you travel almost 100 million miles around the world in a single night, it's not surprising that you tend to get thirsty! Again, Santa is absolutely amazed by how many boys and girls leave him a drink when he drops by! Here are some of Santa's favourites:

  • Water - nothing refreshes you as much as a glass of fresh water
  • Brandy - travelling in the middle of the night is cold work! A little sip of brandy often helps keep Santa warm on his journey
  • Beer - another refreshingly tasty favourite that Santa often loves
  • Whisky - often left by girls and boys in Scotland, Ireland, some parts of England and Japan, Santa enjoys this luxurious treat whenever a "wee dram" is left out for him
  • Milk - a great alternative if Santa is feeling a bit full from his snacks, but fancies a little drink

What about Rudolph and the elves?

plate of candy canes on green plate with blank notecard and green spotlight backgroun
Photo by Terriell Scrimager / Unsplash

Reindeer are simple, yet majestic animals and they love a nice, crunchy carrot. Not only does this orange vegetable perk them up, it also provides a great source of vitamin A that helps Rudolph and his team of trusty reindeer see just that little bit better in the middle of the night!

Elves are definitely creatures with a sweet tooth - they absolutely love anything sweet and sugary! Chocolate coins? Yep! Candy canes? You bet! Gum drops? Most certainly! If it is sugary and sweet, then you can guarantee that the Elves will love them!

Santa, the reindeer and the elves just appreciate anything left out for them

At the end of the day, Santa and his team of reindeer and elves just appreciate anything they are treated to when they visit on Christmas Eve, so whatever you leave out, they'll be grateful!

That reminds me, I must renew Santa's gym membership as he'll most certainly need to hit that treadmill soon!