Gift wrapping genius

21st November 2022

All year, the elves and I have been busy trying out new gift wrapping ideas and practicing so that we'll be ready for Christmas. Last year we wrapped precisely 1,701,426,340 (that's one billion, seven-hundred and one million, four-hundred and twenty-six thousand, three-hundred and forty) presents for all the boys and girls on The Nice List (unfortunately, we could not wrap the lumps of coal that the boys and girls on The Naughty List received)!

Ensuring that we keep our gifts wrapped in fun and exciting ways means we've all been busy studying "The Science of Gift Wrapping" and "Advanced Taping Techniques" at Elf School during the spring and summer. I've also been keeping tabs on social media (with Gifterest and Tapebook being personal favourites of mine - follow me via @BuddyWrapsOfficial) for some cool and inspiring designs!

That reminds me... I must check that Mrs Claus has managed to place our order for this year's wrapping paper, gift tags and bucket loads of sticky tape!