Big changes to the Nice and Naughty lists!

9th December 2022

With less than 15 days left until Christmas Day, there has been lots of activity from the Elves who have been busy keeping an eye on all the girls and boys around the world and keeping them on the Nice or Naughty list depending on how they've been behaving recently.

Whilst Santa does try and watch over as many boys and girls as he can, he's a very busy man and is currently planning his journey to make his deliveries on Christmas Eve, so he's been relying on the Elves to provide him with updates.

There have been quite a few changes as a result of the most recent update, with a number of girls and boys being moved onto the Naughty List... Here are some of the reasons why these boys and girls were moved:

1. Not listening to their Mummy or Daddy

Around 66% of those who had to be put (hopefully temporarily) onto the Naughty List were moved because they did not listen to what their Mummy or Daddy said, and instead ignored them and did what they wanted to. Sometimes, your Mummy and / or Daddy know what's best for you, so it's a sure-fire way of staying on the Nice List if you listen to them.

2. Being selfish

We can all be selfish at times, but those girls and boys who were the most selfish quickly found themselves on the Naughty List. Remember, it's always good to think of others before you do something...

3. Forgetting their manners

It's hard being polite all the time, but Santa understands that it's normal to forget every now-and-then. However, those boys and girls who stopped using their "please" and "thanks yous" soon found themselves off the Nice List and onto the Naughty List.

Don't worry, there's still time!

If you've seen your name on the Naughty List and you are worried that you'll miss out on Santa's presents come Christmas Day, then don't worry. There is plenty of time to be as nice as you can be and earn your way back onto the Nice List. Whilst you may not know when us Elves have been, we've got amazing memories so if we notice you have been nice, then we'll be sure to let Santa know so he can put you back on the Nice List, so be good!